Active Management

Our Process is a proactive annual advisory model designed to deliver on our purpose, values, and brand promises with every employer engagement.

Active Management is how we ensure we execute on each brand promise and ultimately deliver a superior client experience.

Strategic Planning

Plan Review - Active management review, commission disclosure, governance review, and benchmarking.
Engagement Planning - Employee surveys, benefits committees and engagement planning.

Gaps, Goals and Growth

Full Plan Evaluation - Revealing gaps, setting goals, and identifying growth opportunities.
Risk Assessment - Based on the Strategic Planning session, we will provide risk management and advice.

When you offer a benefits plan to employees as an employer you’re at risk and you need a trusted advisor to evaluate the policies, optimize coverage, and ensure you’re competitively priced.

At Davis, it's taken care of.

Pre-Renewal Planning

Implementation Strategy - Based on Gaps, Goals and Growth, advice review, implementation strategy for changes.
Budget Analysis - Budgeting for benefits based on analysis of claims experience data

Renewal Review

Delivery - Based on Pre-Renewal Planning, the delivery and presentation of negotiated renewal.
Evaluation - Complete annual claims evaluation and evaluation of alternative pricing

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