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Three Starters for your Group RRSP Fund Line-up

Like a coach selecting a starting line-up for game day, your fund line-up plays a critical role in the program’s success and ultimately each employee’s success in saving and investing for retirement. Starters typically represent the best players on the team at their given position. In this post we’ll explore three starters to consider in key roles of your group RRSP fund line-up.

Partnership with Image Optometry for Better Vision Care

We are pleased to announce that Image Optometry and Davis Benefits & Pensions Ltd. have come together to provide their respective patients and customers with better vision care coverage! Employees with an Employee Benefit Plan managed by Davis Benefits & Pensions Ltd. may now be eligible to receive a 10% discount on Image Optometry’s already low internet based prices for eyewear products. Visit one of our 16 clinics conveniently located throughout the Lower Mainland!

Benefits Premium Pain is the Symptom, Not the Disease

Each year at renewal, many companies are faced with high premium pain in their employee benefits plan. The apparent answer is, all too often, to broker their plan to another provider in the hopes of reducing the premium and finding relief from rising costs. Unfortunately the brokerage exercise alone is akin to taking your car to a mechanic only to have them reset the “check engine” light without looking under the hood. High premium pain is a symptom, not the disease and we should be looking under the hood to address the underlying conditions.

Three Tips for Managing Social Media in the Workplace

It’s no a secret that social media can yield a positive internal impact; enhanced brand recognition, customer connection, information distribution and recruitment through social media avenues all add value. But, what about the social media use employers can’t control, the type that yields harmful and negative impacts on the workplace?

Employee Benefits Prepared Three Ways

In the culinary world, it is common for a chef to prepare a dish three ways. In this manner, the chef offers a food with three preparations, often including an option the diner has not tried or even considered. Depending on your career experience as either an employee or a business owner, you may be familiar with only one or two types of employee benefit programs. While some large employers have the ability to offer employees a wide and varied benefits menu, most small employers will only have a set benefits plan for their employees. In this post we’ll outline three basic ways to offer an employee benefits plan.

BC’s Bill 14 & the Three Steps you need to take Today

In February, every year, we all don pink shirts in demonstration of our support to ending bullying and harassment, a movement that gets bigger and bigger each year. With the summer months fast approaching, let’s not forget the importance of this stand against victimization and the actions we are all responsible to take in its presence. It is estimated that 40% of Canadian employees are still being bullied in their workplace on a weekly basis, a cycle that needs to be broken.

Busting Three Employer’s Myths in Group RRSP

Many Canadian employers are still without a group savings or retirement program as part of their employee benefits package. As individuals we all know we need to save for retirement and with compounding returns, the early the better, but yet we delay. While the Provincial governments across Canada debate mandatory employee savings programs (PRPP) and larger employers manage existing pension plans, most small and medium size businesses are leaving their employers without. Is this imbalance a matter of benefit priorities or simply a case of a misunderstood benefit?

Let’s explore three myths associated with adding a group RRSP to your employee benefits package.

Spring 2015: The Art of Being Present: Mindfulness in the Workplace

Life and business are moving at an incredible pace and with increasing demands. It has long been recognized that there is great value in living our lives in the present versus dwelling in the past or future. Stress arises from thinking about the past and future. With so much distraction and interruption in our lives personally and professionally, the art of being present can be easier said than done. Being present, or mindful, is the act of bringing our attention to the present moment. Our morning session delivered insights and mindfulness practices that will help you and your employees in being present, managing stress and increasing productivity.

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