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Employee Benefits

Transforming the 50/50 Cost-Sharing Approach

Employee Benefits

Is your Extended Health Care Plan under attack?

Employer Conferences

Fall 2018: Cannabis Legalization and Workplace Issues

Employer Conferences

Spring 2018: “Rockefeller Habits 2.0 – The Four Decisions Every Business Needs to Own”

More than 40,000 companies from around the globe have used The Rockefeller Habits 2.0 / Scaling Up framework to create a Business Operating System to help them grow successfully, or to increase alignment and efficiency in established operations.

Employer Conferences

Fall 2017: Employee Issues of the Sandwich Generation

The sandwich generation refers to people that are working through the dual challenge of caring for ageing parents while also raising their own children. With changing demographics in many organizations employers are largely unaware of the complexity of these issues and the impact on their people.

Employer Conferences

Spring 2017: Sustainable Employment in a Modern Workplace

Employer Conferences

Fall 2016: Cyber Security – A Business Risk That Can’t Be Ignored.

A Presentation by Cyber Security Leader, Advisor, Speaker, Consultant and Expert Dominic Vogel

Employer Conferences

Spring 2016: WorkSafe BC – The True Bottom Line

A partner in CompCall, Geoff brings a passion for navigating and simplifying the WorkSafeBC system to the seminar.

Employer Conferences

Fall 2015: Why Wellness Hasn’t Worked and How to Work it

Davis Benefits & Pensions Ltd. presents their Fall 2015 Employer Conference “What is Wellness Worth and How to Work It” by Matt Young, Founder of Innovative Fitness, 60 Minute Kids’ Club, and Healthmet Technologies.

Group Retirement

Three Starters for your Group RRSP Fund Line-up

Like a coach selecting a starting line-up for game day, your fund line-up plays a critical role in the program’s success and ultimately each employee’s success in saving and investing for retirement. Starters typically represent the best players on the team at their given position. In this post we’ll explore three starters to consider in key roles of your group RRSP fund line-up.

Employee Benefits

Partnership with Image Optometry for Better Vision Care

We are pleased to announce that Image Optometry and Davis Benefits & Pensions Ltd. have come together to provide their respective patients and customers with better vision care coverage! Employees with an Employee Benefit Plan managed by Davis Benefits & Pensions Ltd. may now be eligible to receive a 10% discount on Image Optometry’s already low internet based prices for eyewear products. Visit one of our 16 clinics conveniently located throughout the Lower Mainland!

Employee Benefits

Benefits Premium Pain is the Symptom, Not the Disease

Each year at renewal, many companies are faced with high premium pain in their employee benefits plan. The apparent answer is, all too often, to broker their plan to another provider in the hopes of reducing the premium and finding relief from rising costs. Unfortunately the brokerage exercise alone is akin to taking your car to a mechanic only to have them reset the “check engine” light without looking under the hood. High premium pain is a symptom, not the disease and we should be looking under the hood to address the underlying conditions.

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