Join us July 1st for a

Summer Wellness Challenge!

We invite you, your employees, and families for a fun, interactive Wellness Challenge this Summer!

Starting July 1st, this Wellness Challenge will encourage individuals to get points by tracking habits:

  • Nutrition (# of veggies/fruit per day)
  • Activity  (# of minutes per day)
  • Recreational Screen Time (outside of work)
  • Recreational Reading time (outside of work)
  • Daily Water Intake
  • Daily Sleep
  • Daily thought (helpful/unhelpful)

Each company will be tracked as a TEAM! The winner will be decided based on average points per person.

Valued Partner

Since 2009, the 60 Minute Kids Club has been assisting school communities to best serve the needs of teachers, families, and most importantly the kids. Over this time and with feedback, the 60MKC has continued to evolve to support and promote physical literacy and healthy initiatives. 60MKC supports Health and Physical Literacy Plans by doing the following:

  • Activate healthy behaviours with the 30/60/90 day challenges via online trackers! Foster more attentive learners in class!
  • Teach, assess and report student’s progress across their Fundamental Movement Skills. *Ideal for non- specialists teaching PE class!
  • Capture data and progress! Baseline, measure, track and report all in one place!

Davis Benefits & Pensions Ltd. has partnered with the 60 Minute Kids Club to utilize their easy to use platform they have launched with kids across Canada. For the Summer Wellness Challenge we will be using their adult version of the platform.

Their mission is to develop, measure and promote physical literacy in your household. Your children. Your spouse. The Whole Family!

Click Here to Learn More

Employer Assistance

This is a fun, exciting portal that each person will be tracking their own points. Weekly check-in’s with a Health Coach will be sent out to everyone via Teams. These check-ins will be in group form for questions and will offer some tips & tricks for starting and maintaining healthy habits.

To assist in operation costs, we ask each employer to contribute $5.00/ employee for their families’ participation in this 60 day challenge.


We will hold an introductory webinar for Questions & Answers on Friday, May 28th, 2020 at 10:30 AM PST. Please send us a note below if you would like to join in!