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Fall 2013 – “Fresh Look at the Drivers of Employee Turnover”

This topic encompassed attraction and retention strategies as well as performance aspects of motivating individuals. This interactive, high-impact event, led by Anurag, introduced powerful principles and applied them to common business problems, leaving attendees with a new perspective on employee performance and turnover, new actions to take, and a clear understanding of a proven approach.

We design and implement initiatives that produce previously unseen levels of performance and results. We are currently working in the areas of business, education, wellness and entertainment. we are currently at work delivering outstanding results with businesses. We are in the development stages in the other areas.

We will match ourselves with anyone in delivering performance or throwing a party.

Our commitment is that every project we design or step into, generates exceptional exponential results, while at the same time causing a transformation in the community and the world – hence everything becomes a difference engine.

We are committed to developing and making available a new model of operating that is so superior to the current ways of working that it does not make sense to do it any other way and have a global shift result on the planet.

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You can contact Anurag by email at anurag@thedifferenceengine.ca

Kirk Davis

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