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Fall 2014 – “Conflict Competence, Risk Management and System Design”

Presented by Jamie Chicanot of ADR Education

This seminar introduced and acquainted participants with the key principles, considerations and approaches to enhancing conflict competence. The presentation encouraged the development of a corporate philosophy about conflict, ensuring that a system (i.e. set of processes and opportunities) exist for collaborative conflict engagement and building and/or accessing the capacity to support resolution. After this seminar participants:

  • Understand the nature of conflict and dispute.
  • Be able to identify the core features of organizational conflict competence.
  • Appreciate the connection between developing conflict competence and managing risk.
  • Have a basic model to guide the design of an ICMS for their organization/workplace.

Conflict Competence

Participants will be introduced to the concept of conflict competence for organizations. This idea is about developing knowledge, abilities, expertise, and acumen in addressing conflict and disagreement in the workplace. Participants will benefit from being better able to assess, analyze, and strategize on how best to engage in conflict should it manifest in the workplace.

Risk Management

The idea being that organizations that develop enhanced conflict competence reduce many of the risks associated with conflict and dispute in the workplace.

System Design

One of the core foundations of organizational conflict competence includes designing and implementing informal conflict management systems (ICMS).

Jamie Chicanot has been working in the conflict engagement and dispute resolution field for almost 20 years. He has a graduate degree in dispute resolution from the University of Victoria. He regards himself foremost as a helper for the negotiation, communication and problem-solving efforts of others. His skill-set integrates a range of functions, approaches, and analyses to help clients develop conflict competence and capacity. As one of the founding Partners of ADR Education; one of Canada’s most experienced dispute resolution Firms, he maintains a diverse professional practice. He is a mediator and facilitator, an educator and trainer, a process and systems designer, an advocate and negotiator, a strategist and tactician, and a coach and mentor. Jamie has designed and conducted hundreds of training programs in negotiation, facilitation, mediation, communication, conflict analysis, and collaborative problem-solving. He facilitates strategic planning exercises and provides specialized analysis and advisory skills in complex, challenging environments. He is an engaging and passionate speaker who regularly presents at conferences and professional development events. Jamie is a proven leader who successfully guides the resolution efforts of his clients. He is passionate about harnessing the value of conflict when engaging in difficult contexts featuring deep-rooted and seemingly intractable problems. He is an advocate for peaceful engagement, relational reconciliation, and constructive dialogue processes. Jamie appreciates collaborating with other professionals and seeks to constantly learn and improve his conflict engagement skills.

He resides in Victoria BC with his family and is an aspiring athlete and life-long learner. Jamie enjoys solitude, spiritual journeying, great music, good food, and global travel. As a teenager, he had the privilege of attending the UWCSA in Swaziland and spent many of his formative years exploring the wonders of the African continent.

Contact Information
You can contact Jamie by email at jchicanot@adreducation.ca
or by phone at 250-370-9129 

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