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Fall 2015: Why Wellness Hasn’t Worked and How to Work it

Presentation by Matt Young
Founder of Innovative Fitness, 60 Minute Kids’ ClubHealthmet Technologies

Matt Young is a twenty five year health and fitness veteran with a track record for getting results. Co-founding his personal training company, Innovative Fitness in 1995, Matt logged over 15,000 one on one training hours with CEO’s, celebrities, athletes before switching his focus to franchise development across Canada and the United States. During that time, Matt and his team led members to athletic pursuits spanning the globe activating preventative public health initiatives and contributing over five million dollars to community charities. When he is not running marathons, cycling across countries or hiking mountain ranges, Matt lectures on a variety of health and wellness topics, is a TEDx speaker and started a national charity, 60 Minute Kids’ Club, focused on upstream health care prevention for kids kindergarten to grade eight.

For his business accomplishments, Matt would be recognized nationally as Canada’s top 40 under 40 in 2006 and provincially as Vancouver’s top 40 under 40 in 2011.

Watch the Powerpoint Presentation; Why Wellness Hasn’t Worked

Watch Matt Young’s TEDx Presentation “Fixing the Childhood Obesity Epidemic”

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