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Fall 2016: Cyber Security – A Business Risk That Can’t Be Ignored.

Presentation by Dominic Vogel
Cyber Security Expert

About Our Presentation

Cyber Security is a business risk that can’t be ignored.  Cyber crime is on the rise and small businesses are increasingly becoming the target of cyber criminals and hackers. Last year 43% of cyber attacks were targeting small businesses. In fact, recent industry reports show that about 1 in 40 small businesses are at risk of being the victim of a cyber crime.

Dominic Vogel is a cyber security expert who has been speaking, advising and consulting with business across North America in an effort to bring relevance and understanding to the concept of cyber security. Whether you reluctantly entered the online world or jumped head first into cyber space, we all did so largely unprepared of what would come next.  In recent news reports we’ve all become aware of small and very large examples of compromised online security, stolen data/personal information, and hacking attacks.

Cyber security breaches in Canada cost companies on average $5 million dollars in direct and indirect expenses. Many companies would not be able to withstand such a financial hit. There is hope however, that companies that have  prepared and undertaken basic precautions will be better able to manage the risks and damages from attacks. Cyber security provides a distinct competitive advantage over those that have not developed any precautions or strategies.

Our session will share the real risks facing your business today and some of the surprisingly simple, and non-technical fixes you can make.   It’s no longer ok to ignore Cyber Security, it’s a business risk and a business responsibility to address. On November 8th we’ll help you understand the landscape the simple steps you can take to manage business in our digital age.

View Dominic’s presentation: Cyber Security: Business Risk That Can’t Be Ignored

About Dominic Vogel

Dominic has an established track record as a cyber security leader. He has a wide-range of experience overseeing numerous projects including security strategy development, policy development, endpoint security, and threat management in a multitude of industries (financial services, logistics, transportation, government, telecommunications, and critical infrastructure). Dominic actively participates in the local Vancouver security community and is a regular cyber security expert for Global BC (TV), CKNW (radio), News1130 (radio), and the Vancouver Sun (newspaper).

Dominic is a firm believer in delivering sustainable security that supports and protects business goals. Having worked within large and globally diverse organizations he has extensive security experience that has been forged over the past decade as an information security professional.

Dominic is well regarded as a skilled communicator having been a security blogger for the renowned IT website TechRepublic. He has performed as a keynote speaker for BrightTALK Security Summits, Cyber Security Summit West, Blancco Security Days, NYIT Cyber Security Symposium, Vancouver IEEE Career Day, Youth Achieving Success, Delta Chamber of Commerce, Vancouver Enterprise Forum, Vancouver SecSIG, Vancouver ISACA, BC Aware Day, Launch Academy, Startup Canada (Startup Chats), World Mining Summit, ISACA CSX North America, and Business-in-Vancouver Digital Privacy & Security Series.

Currently, in his role as Chief Security Strategist at Cyber.SC, Dominic focuses much of his energy on helping start-ups and small/midsize businesses solve their cyber security challenges. He strives to provide practical cyber security advisory services to his client.

Connect with Dominic

Email: dvogel@cyber.sc
Web: cyber.sc
Twitter: @domvogel

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