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Fall 2017: Employee Issues of the Sandwich Generation

Presentation by Paul Cassidy
Founder and Lead Facilitator of Taking Care of Seniors

About Our Presentation

The sandwich generation refers to people that are working through the dual challenge of caring for ageing parents while also raising their own children. With changing demographics in many organizations employers are largely unaware of the complexity of these issues and the impact on their people. At Davis Benefits & Pensions it is our mission to educate, advise and inspire employers in better supporting their people. Our spring and fall employer conference series for the past several years has focused on risks and issues impacting owners, HR and finance, while not necessarily directly related to employee benefits. With this topic we hope to shed light, helpful insight and resources on a stressful time for many employees.

Paul Cassidy is the facilitator for the organization Taking Care of Seniors. He has been a clinical assistant professor in the Faculty of Medicine at UBC and has lectured at several lower mainland colleges. In Paul’s presentation he is going to focus on identifying the issue that employers’ people are facing, the resources and navigation of the system that can help as well as the benefits for employers who support these challenges.

“If a business takes care of their people, the people will take care of the business”

Sir Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin Group of Companies.

We look forward to helping educate organizations on this issue and how they can better support their people.

About Our Speaker

Throughout his career in senior management Paul has been extensively involved in teaching, counselling and mentoring. He has been a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at U.B.C as well as a lecturer at several colleges in the lower mainland. Paul has been the designer and facilitator of a series of workshops that focus on relationships both at the personal and corporate level.

Paul is currently a volunteer interviewer in the B.C. government’s BC Office of the Seniors Advocate’s Residential Care Project 2016. This project focuses on determining the most appropriate needs of seniors currently in long term care facilities. He has also recently been appointed to the Richmond Seniors Advisory Committee.

Paul has experienced personally, and has observed many others, dealing with the ever increasing needs of elderly parents and the stress and costs associated with that care. He saw the need for a comprehensive, step by step, easy to follow process on how to manage this journey; a journey that is likely to affect the majority of us all.

In Paul’s engaging, gregarious and easy-to-follow way, his seminars outline the major issues that need to be addressed, including communication between parents and their adult children, as well as the financial, legal and caregiving components that will be required.

Minimize the stress and costs, plus learn how to balance the busy life of being an adult caregiver to your parent or family member. Enroll for the Taking Care of Seniors seminars and take advantage of the knowledge and experience available to you.

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