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Partnership with Image Optometry for Better Vision Care

We are pleased to announce that Image Optometry and Davis Benefits & Pensions Ltd. have come together to provide their respective patients and customers with better vision care coverage! Employees with an Employee Benefit Plan managed by Davis Benefits & Pensions Ltd. may now be eligible to receive a 10% discount on Image Optometry’s already low internet based prices for eyewear products. Visit one of their 16 clinics conveniently located throughout the Lower Mainland!

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About Image Optometry: Optometrust Vancouver, BC Trusts

Dr. Alan R. Boyco, B.Sc., OD started as a Surrey Optometrist in Whalley when he assumed Surrey British Columbia’s oldest eye clinic in 1992. This clinic originally founded in 1949 provided eye examinations for Surrey, Delta, Langley and surrounding areas. For many of those years Dr. Norm Schmidt, a Vancouver Optometrist commuted to the largely rural area of Surrey optometrist Schmidt as he was widely known was the only eye doctor providing eye exams in the entire Fraser Valley area then. He retired late in 1992 whence Doctor Boyco took over, and over the years as his Image Optometry Vancouver practice outgrew it’s size it was divided into new locations. After Dr. Boyco joined the medical staff of the Vancouver Canucks, locations nearer their rink became a necessity as they needed a more conveniently located Optometrist. Vancouver was the next logical location choice. Being in Surrey, and the fact that many players and personnel simply needed refills for contact lenses or eyeglasses. Vancouver needed to have a ‘Dr. Boyco and Associates’ location. This would help to better serve these Vancouver optometrist patients and the professional sports teams for whom Dr. Boyco worked. The location on Broadway in Vancouver was chosen as the second Dr. Boyco & Associates location and allowed team members easier access to pop in to get contact lenses and eyeglasses without having to commute to the Optometrist in Surrey.

The Professional Sports Team

Working for the Vancouver Canucks (NHL) and the BC Lions (CFL) since 1994 as the team Optometrist and more recently, the Vancouver Whitecaps and the preferred team eye care provider and preferred optometrist for the MiLB’s Vancouver Canadians. Vancouver BC and Surrey BC locations were not enough to properly serve them. More clinics were added in Port Moody to become a leading Tri-Cities Optometrist.

He was also the team Optometrist for the Vancouver Grizzlies (NBA) while they were a Vancouver franchise from 1995 through 2000. During the 2006 World Junior Championships (IIHF) hosted in Vancouver he was the Event Optometrist. Many other professional and amateur athletes seek out his practice and his particular brand of enthusiastic character.

Then a historic Optometrist clinic in East Hastings Vancouver became available with the retirement of their Eye Doctor leaving a niche for an Optometrist Vancouver BC. Image Optometry Vancouver now had access in both the West and Eastside.

In 1995 Dr. Boyco added an Abbotsford location to the mix. Being in a medical building and ophthalmologist setting, only eye exams and contact lenses were part of the eye clinic. Later a move to a larger facility in 1996 to West Oaks Mall Abbotsford was made, and four years later to a much larger facility at our new Seven Oaks Shopping Centre Abbotsford, BC location.

At this point, the Port Moody Eye Clinic was moved to Coquitlam Center Mall in Coquitlam. Optometry centered around the provision of eye exams and fitting of eyeglasses and contacts and contact lenses. Coquitlam town centre had brands for less alternative locations that provided reasonable prices on Eyeglasses Coquitlam prior to this had only the Image Optical on Barnet highway that housed over 7500 frames with reasonable prices but no eye doctor Coquitlam needed a place where you could buy eyeglasses Coquitlam needed a place with an eye doctor but nowhere in Coquitlam could one get both the optometrist and the eyeglasses in Coquitlam Optometry centre by Image became this place.

In the mid to late 90’s eyeglasses in Vancouver had historically been an expensive prospect, especially if one chose designer eye glass brands. We wanted to carry all of them including Prada Gucci DKNY D&G Versace Bvlgari Ray Ban Flexi-Twist NYCE (New York City Eyes)Quicksilver Twisty McBendy FCUK Vogue Saks Fifth Avenue Valentino Burberry Armani and Polo. But aforementioned designer labels tended to carry a hefty price tag, and buying them in bulk would only be possible if you had many locations in which to distribute. Since so many people wanted these designer eyeglasses Vancouver was a natural choice to open new locations. At this same time a leading Vancouver one hour Optical Store Chain became available. Image Optical for 30 years had provided contact lenses Sunglasses and Eyewear Vancouver had always been Image Optical’s homebase but they could only sell contact lenses and eyeglasses Vancouver Image Optical locations each had an Optician Vancouver needed a location with an Optician an Optometrist or ophthalmologist that could provide an eye exam Vancouver Ophthalmologists and Optometrists by law could not work with then owner Alvin Blaise who was an Optician Vancouver Optometrist Dr. Boyco took over operations and merged the three O’s: Optometry Ophthalmology Opticians. The first location to undergo this transformation was West Vancouver Optometry Clinic in Park Royal with the new unveiling of the brand Image Optometry. This West Vancouver Optometry Clinic opened under the new banner in 1998.

As the Fraser Valley grew in population it became evident that there was a great demand to have a Chilliwack Optometrist. Optometrists in Chilliwack were booked very far in advance and the citizens had no options for an Optometrist. Chilliwack in fact had only two places to see a Chilliwack Optometrist and this Optometrist in Chilliwack owned both locations! Clearly a need for another Chilliwack Optometrist was there. Image Optometry Chilliwack opened in 2005 in Cottonwood Mall and continues to be the only place in Cottonwood Mall that one can see an Eye Doctor.

The stated mission of Image Optometry, and the personal goal of Dr. Boyco, is to provide total eye care under one roof in order to promote and improve eye health for the general public. This is clearly expressed by our slogan:

As the largest optometry chain in British Columbia, Image Optometry is able to offer a wide spectrum of eye care services and products that fulfill this commitment to our patients and customers.

For complete details on Image Optometry and how to book your appointment, please visit them online at www.image.ca or phone 604-685-EYES (3937)

Kirk Davis

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