Our Promise To Clients

No surprises at renewal, no rushed decisions, no stone left unturned.
We’ve got your back.

When you offer a benefits plan to employees as an employer you’re at risk and you need a trusted advisor to evaluate the policies, optimize coverage, and ensure you’re competitively priced.

We are the experts and an extension of your management team, watching your back and taking action. When you hire Davis Benefits you can relax, knowing when it comes to benefits and retirement.

At Davis, it’s taken care of.


No Surprises At Renewal

We review benefit plans monthly, proactively assessing risks and opportunities and reporting claims experience so you know where you stand all year.


No Rushed Decisions

We conduct Pre-Renewal Planning with clients, and we evaluate, negotiate, and deliver advice a minimum of 30 days in advance of any effective date, giving you time to make decisions and communicate to employees.


No Stone Left Unturned

We conduct Strategic Planning, Gaps, Goals and Growth reviews to identify any opportunity or threat, allowing us to better tailor our advice to you.


We've Got Your Back

We offer ongoing support and advocacy for owners, administrators, employees, and their families, so your entire organization has an expert on their side.