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Spring 2013 – “Bill 14 Mental Health Claims in the Workers’ Compensation Act”

Presentation by Liz Scott, Organizational Solutions (www.orgsoln.com)

Organizational Solutions Inc. began in 2003 when Principal / CEO Dr. Liz Scott PhD set out her vision of how to approach Disability Management and Workers’ Compensation Claims Management to Canadian Businesses. Bringing over 25 years of experience and proven expertise in senior national and international Disability and Risk Management roles, Dr. Scott set the foundations of what has become an incredibly successful national company.

An internationally respected and consulted professor, thought-leader, public speaker and author in the field, Dr. Liz Scott has been honored several times as a finalist in the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. She is the co-author of a book called Comprehensive Disability Management and, as well as leading the incredibly successful Organizational Solutions Inc., teaches at McGill, Guelph and Ryerson Universities.

“The RIGHT care, at the RIGHT time, for the RIGHT outcome ©”…
How successful programs from Organizational Solutions inc. are making an incredible difference across all industries.

Kirk Davis

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