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Spring 2015: The Art of Being Present: Mindfulness in the Workplace

Delivered by Bernie Geiss
Cove Continuity Advisors Inc.

Life and business are moving at an incredible pace and with increasing demands. It has long been recognized that there is great value in living our lives in the present versus dwelling in the past or future. Stress arises from thinking about the past and future. With so much distraction and interruption in our lives personally and professionally, the art of being present can be easier said than done. Being present, or mindful, is the act of bringing our attention to the present moment. Our morning session delivered insights and mindfulness practices that will help you and your employees in being present, managing stress and increasing productivity. Our speaker Bernie Geiss has practiced in the financial services industry since 1987 but prior to his professional life, traveled extensively studying meditation, martial arts and yoga. He has seen the world living as a Buddhist monk and resident Yogi. Bernie shared his experiences as a professional as well as an expert in the practice of mindfulness.


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