Employee Benefits

We provide active management, advisory and brokerage services to Canadian employers that offer employee benefit programs and group retirement plans.

We Are Experts In


Annual Renewals

We evaluate pricing and analyze changes and shifting market forces to negotiate fair renewals for our clients.


Marketing Quotes

We price across the marketplace and follow a comprehensive checklist to examine rates, details and differences between providers.



We use advanced tools to compare and rank coverage across industries, provinces and group sizes to bring you better insight.



We take the pulse of your people in simple surveys designed to gather more context for better decision making about what your people value.


Risk Management

We proactively evaluate future risk in claims and costs to explore strategies to protect our clients year over year.


Patient Advocacy

We work with pharmacies, drug companies and doctors to advocate for better access to medication within insurance plans.

At Davis, it's taken care of

Our purpose is to educate, advise, and inspire employers to better support their people.

Who We Serve



Supporting Business Owners to Launch and Maintain Competitive Benefits within Budgets


Small Business

Uniquely positioning benefits to be affordable and attractive within certain industries and regions.


Medium Business

Evolving benefit packages to comprehensive offerings that compare and rank with the largest employers


Large Business

Optimizing budgets to maximize value and communicate benefits throughout a diverse workforce year over year.



To take care of their people and protect the families that support your organization.


Global Employers

Simplifying the Canadian landscape and ensuring benefits are positioned well internationally within your total compensation.

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Need help understanding your Renewal or Quotes?
Want to learn how your plan compares to other employers?
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We are proud to be Canada’s first B-Corp Certified Employee Benefits Advisory Firm!

As a B Corp, we are committed to using our business as a force for good! We are proud to be Canada’s first B Corp Certified Employee Benefits Advisory Firm.

It’s a certification we’ve worked hard for as a community-minded organization. And we’re honoured to be a leading purpose-driven organization in our sector.